featured art above originally created by A. Gonzalez




curled up in a bed of

autumn leaves,

eyes like sieves —

she is swooning.

moon eyes

   moon child

 moon love

    moon wild

She calls herself a demon.


And he,

no smoke and mirrors —

just a cool mist, appearing

Her searing pain, all in her head.

He can feel it, watching her on her bed

of leaves, under the trees,

her pleas for release are silent

her shaking has become violent.


Then he

surrounds her

covers her

envelops her

wraps her in the mist

Sharp teeth of the angel

Bite down into her head,

raking her scalp and

the pressure is there and the pain

is flowing away through the

cracks in her skull


Sharp teeth of the angel

crunches the evil pressure into nothingness

chews the tortured evil into mere whispers

until she is a demon

with no evil left

inside her

and he confides,


you are more angel than I…”









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