240 Minutes

If there has ever been a specific moment in time when you received unbiased support,

understanding, camaraderie and acceptance…treasure it.

Hold tightly to it. Remember it on those darker, more alone times.

That’s what I do…and to remind myself, sometimes I write silly sing-song bits and pieces of this and that.




Two hundred forty minutes

not two hundred forty days

I sought out some solace

in an unconventional way.



Elixir gave no courage

to offer my affection;

only strengthened me enough

to handle a rejection.



Rejection never happened.

My offered gift was taken.

Two hundred forty minutes

left me calmer, and yet shaken.



The strength of one alone

is often not enough.

The journey causes wear-and-tear,

leaving edges rough.



Ironic that a journey caused

two worlds to collide,

sanding out rough edges.

The anxiety subsides.



Two hundred forty minutes:

a priceless gift of measure.

It sharpened my perceptions

and this, I’ll always treasure.











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