Art Appreciation 101

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Art Appreciation Class 101

Part I

I will never tell you that I know all there is to know in the world of Art. I am forever busy, and I have had a sadly small amount of time to explore all there is in painting, and sculpting, photography and all other forms of art that exist.

What I will tell you is that I like what I like. I love what I love. And you are very much the same, Reader.  If you have a physical reaction to a photograph or a painting, you may not know how to translate that reaction into words.

Rare Gold

Sometimes, I know how to translate what I see, but I have shifted into something other than a verbal translation. 


When I first laid eyes on Matt Farnsworth, I could not translate him into an accurate verbal reaction. So I took his images and translated them. You must know what it’s like to be at a loss for words..?  I experience it often, and it has served to open up this alternate view.

The deep appreciation I have for the image art I do is conveyed every time I post a photo of Mr. Farnsworth.  The photograph is already appealing in it’s original form. Matt Farnsworth is obviously appealing in his original form. I think that many of the images he shares with his fans demands a second look…and a third…

So, when my mind wanders into the ‘what-if’ stage as I stare at his photo, my fingers follow and I begin to manipulate the image into…my translation.

His absolute graciousness when I first began this journey has compelled me to continue on, and every time I hear a compliment on these photos, I am pleased. Every time those compliments come from him, I feel ridiculously pleased.

Many have expressed an interest in the intensity of his eyes. I have, from the start, endeavored to neither add nor take away from that intensity. The word madness has floated around in the last few months, and if this is the case, I am certain there are many who wish fervently for that maddened gaze to fall onto them…

As for the intensity of his gaze, I have been informed by those fortunate enough to have met Matt that this intensity is, in fact, absolutely genuine.  This has been told to me in whispers, and giggles, and outright declaration.  They are mesmerizing, his eyes, and I am hoping that to experience the mesmerization first-hand in the future.

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