Dedicated to one of the most dazzling dark gemstones in my world.






Remember when we put our heads together and came up with a plan?

….and everything was simple, back then.

It didn’t matter if the trip into this Neverland would cost us our sanity

…because everything was eerily simple, back then.


I remember all too well,

that willingness to step onto the coals of Hell.

I remember you beckoning me forward,

reminding me to ignore the heat.


I recall the smell of my flesh against the fire

with the first step, and the second.

The sound…

soft moans of pain

leaking from my throat,


as I tried to keep it in my head that

we would be unstoppable together.


I faltered, I remember.

I stumbled.


I remember you whispering that I could be wicked, if I wanted.

I remember you murmuring your admiration for my lack of caution.

But I tripped, and fell, burning my hands and knees

and your eyes glazed over with disinterest when you heard my pleas.


My failure….your disgust.

Your forked tongue….my mistrust.


Everything was simple, back then.

Everything was eerily simple.



Every day is a struggle now,

remembering that I am supposed to be normal…

forgetting you, little by little…

watching the scars of our trip through brimstone

heal, little by little…


I remember you retreating back into your psychosis,

wishing I could slip in with you…


I hope when I forget you

you’ll still remember me.




6 thoughts on “blistering

  1. Very well-written… Like I had any doubts. Enjoyed it as my eyes danced upon every word and saw a vivid picture in my mind. Not too many people can so easily do that for me. I don’t want to mention any names. But Bleedingcritic does that with a few of his stories too. Some, I just get more nutrition from a glass of warm sand!

    Why oh why didn’t I take the blue pill?!?!?


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