dead air

The first several days of my trip to England contained NO social media, whatsoever. I had no internet, no cell phone, not even a regular phone to call out on. What I did have, however, was a ragged composition notebook and a pen. So I wrote…and wrote…


Thing is, in order for you not to want to roll your eyes at this scenario, keep in mind, I live in the middle of nowhere. My main means of communication involves the telephone and social media. When I travel, I try to keep those lines of communication open, and if I can’t, surely you can understand the panic that blossoms in the pit of my stomach. 


So then miraculously, after several days I had the opportunity to make a phone call and reach out to a dear friend. So I did. Then I sat down and wrote some more. 



That’s all it was.

Dead air…

a few pops and crackles,

it felt like the 

shackles were released that day

as I finally had the chance to say


into the dead air

and heard the reply

and the corners of my mouth

turned up, a little, at last.


Not sure why that “Hello?” 

meant so much.

Maybe all the noise from before 

numbed my ear…

but to hear a voice I needed to hear

seemed to make the dead air

more bearable, 

made me a little stronger

able to bear 

dead air

for a little longer.


originally written 11 March 2015 while in Bolton, England






6 thoughts on “dead air

  1. To lead your addressee from word to word so effortlessly is such a rare gift Annie.

    Never a single one is wasteful, it’s like one big warm hug via prose, if that makes sense, and I know it will to you.

    Truly a thing to behold; this is quite simply perfection.


  2. I did not roll my eyes. You always deliver and this was no exception. We realize how much me appreciate the things we have and remind ourselves that they are not to be taken for granted. Voices can sooth and empty space when the time comes for their need.


  3. I love the subtlety of your poem. You kept it simple, yet poignant, because for most of us, we take communication via internet/phone since it is so readily available – and always “there”. However, your poetry reminds us that being “on the grid” is not that simple – or easy – and once communication is lost, are we not lost ourselves? Once again, wonderful work.

    I enjoy your work and talent so much because you know craft.


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  4. The sheer versatility you consistently display as a writer is awe inspiring.. Hard, soft, psychotic, tender, it matters not… you always deliver such well crafted thought provoking works of ART…. Thanks for sharing your gift

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