Tell Me Lies



I’ll be your everything…”

I’ll never leave.

You can always depend on me…

See? My heart, on my sleeve…


“…you know I’ll be yours…”

“…I’ll be there for you…”

“…don’t you love me..?”

“…you know, I love you…”




Tell me lies because

you know they can be so soft and right


Tell me lies because

it makes for such a wonderful night


Tell me lies because

the truth is harder to bear


Tell me lies because

I know you won’t be there


Listen….just listen and don’t try to say

everyone has lied to you

its always been that way


I know.


Nothing I can say will change the lies

so many have offered before


Nothing I can offer can sway

an already tightly closed door


Let me whisper a truth to you…

for a moment I’ll confide:


Opening the door might make way for lies

but Truth will slip inside.













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