This is another piece created while visiting England. I had a few extremely vivid dreams during my time there, and I wrote this one morning after waking up from one which seemed more infused with sound than vision. It’s funny how our brains process and interpret the daily “adventures” into some kind of bizarre puzzle. Maybe we solve it…maybe not. 





Thousands of sounds

filling my world with movement

filling my head with unbelievable

wonder, even when I get pushed

under the ground,

thousands of sounds in my world

revive me

and the world is

alive to me


          I swear I heard your breathing

          last night.

          I swear it sounded as though

          you had been crying

          and I didn’t sleep well…

          Maybe in my sleep I was

          trying, in a dream, to

          comfort you.


Sadly, in dreams, the sounds are magnified

and I became terrified, not of the breathing –

just afraid of the sounds you made because

I could not help you through that pain


          The waking hours are insane

          But take a breath or two, and know

          I’m here for you…a kind of reprieve.

          Just breathe.


originally written 18 March 2015











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