The ice is always comforting.

The ice does not lie.

It is what it is.

The ice tells me,

Careful! Caution! I am frigid, and constant.

You can not survive me!

Caution! Careful! I am beautiful, and…

I will kill you.

The ice holds gentle competition,

Gentle shoves and blue fingernails scratching.

An elbow hook and roll…

No amount of oil can slide me free from the grasp.

The spiral ride is my undoing.

My movements are clumsy against

such an adversary.


Even in the face of my defeat,

the ice is always comforting.

It holds quiet conversation with the

warmth in my blood.

It embraces and whispers to the steady beat

of my heart.



The ice becomes slick of tongue

and dances along to seduce the warmth away.

The embrace of the beat tightens.

I find the ice to be comforting.

I find the ice to be constant.

I find a long shard of the ice and plunge it

deeply into my chest.


I find the warmth leaking out, now…

I finally understand the warning.

The ice overtakes me

The world fades away.

The ice does not lie.

It is what it is.




2 thoughts on “ICE

  1. Marvel at the smooth glass, the callous frigid chill. Longing for that cold embrace, that twists and bends at will. Sliding even faster now, across the crystal plain. Time stands still for that one moment, then you can breath again. Look towards the diamond-cut path, leaning towards a razor’s edge. Falling, slipping faster now…as life becomes unhinged.

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