He walked beside me and smiled,
and said,
Have you ever wanted to be like the dolphins?
And I looked over at him, with eyebrows raised…
Whatever do you mean?

I watched him watching clouds float past
his mind a thousand miles beyond,
his mind submerged and watching
slippery creatures swimming
weaving patterns and making
noise like children
I could almost hear the splashing
as they danced in a pattern
leaping to the sky and
caressing the clouds.

He blinked, and looked back at me
There is freedom…and then there is freedom.

Have you ever wanted to be like the dolphins..?







2 thoughts on “dolphins

  1. joyfully
    It felt like the words were bobbing above the swim. You know I adore every single piece you write, a true talent of the highest order. This my dear is par for the course for you and, with your work, that is one hell of a compliment. Consistency, innovation, brilliance – three words which explain your work hand in glove and this brilliant piece is no exception. You inspire me, but then you know that already.

    Liked by 1 person

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