It’s your world…I just live in it, right? Never let anyone tell you that they’ve got it all figured out. They don’t….and if they do, they’ve got their mess figured out, not yours.

That’s the sheer beauty of our existence. We each have our own mess to figure out…


Somewhere along the way
we forgot how to smile
All the vile things in our lives got in the way.

Somewhere along the line
we allowed the laughter to fade
and after that, things we loved seemed to wander.

All this time we squander, and all these minutes
ticking by urgently are no match for the
rush-rush-rush of the right now.

And how, after so long, we can forget what it feels like
to breathe for the sake of breathing.
What a sad state of affairs.


Its not so much that we allow our cares to take over
our lives…its more along the lines
of ignoring the signs thrown in our faces.

And when we pretend that all traces of
our mortality could be irrelevant, that the laughter doesn’t matter
We flatter ourselves into thinking

our ships aren’t sinking and we’re all just fine,
our sad state of affairs are sublime and right at that crucial moment
we can decide to ride the current
into oblivion

or we can wake up,
brush off the hell, step down from
the carousel and push through the mire…
accept the desire to succeed for what it is and

deal with the business at hand.
This business of living is difficult to understand.
No real instruction, bumbling through intersections and mental construction…

…but its possible.
Anything is possible. 








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