on the other side of your brain there is an elite power growing,
showing you that the world is nothing like you see it…but you can’t free it,
and why would you?

Why not let everyone else just wander about, kicking up
clouds of dust and crowds of discontent, hell-bent…

hell-bent on driving this bitch right into the ground,
and there’s too many sounds
in your head,
and in mine.

But I’m the only one who whines about it.

I can’t do anything about it.

I try to write it away,
move it away,
laugh it away and
I can say without
a shadow of a doubt,

I can’t do anything about it.


In your heart of hearts, you cart around the anxiety,
pulling the gigantic chain of pain and
restless shifty-eyed mayhem that is everyday life.

I bet you thought it would be different,
being human,
because so did I – and what we both found is the one true lie,
the fact of the matter is that we can claw our way up
the ladder of laughable evolution,
stepping on the weaker ones,
the only solution being to try, keep trying to
before dying.

Rendering, Face of Hate, 5NOV2016





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