Spoiler alert: This random collection of words contains phrases and thoughts which might not be considered appropriate reading for children, and will likely offend those who are easily offended. I have an annoying habit of writing what’s in my head. Today’s contribution is pretty scatterbrained but still mostly understandable.
I should really stop that and write what everyone else wants me to write. Right..?

Scribbled Meanderings of Patriotism, Paying it Forward, and Ass-hats

I love this country. Truly, I do!

Oh lordy, here she goes again. You know you’re supposed to be upset with today’s current events, right?

Am I?

Of course you are! Get mad about something!

Great. That’s really what you want to read? You want to read yet another rant about someone upset about your Aunt Martha marrying that lady that works at the supermarket?

Well, aren’t you angry about that?

Not really – I don’t know who your aunt is, for one thing.

You know what I mean.

Okay, here’s my take on marriage: I think people should ONLY be allowed to marry other people.

…what the fuck..?!

Yeah, that’s it. That’s the obvious solution. You can’t marry your favorite pair of boots. You can’t marry your car, or your job. I’m sorry. You’re not allowed to do that. It’s all good and fine for you to have serious relationships with the aforementioned. But you can NOT marry them.

You’re being very childish right now.

I’M being childish? Here’s some more, then. I don’t give a fuck who marries who. Not really. I mean, I’m not down with siblings or other kinfolk marrying each other, and if you take away the gag-reflex of this idea, it’s simple science. Don’t marry your sister, ass-hat. Don’t do it because it is scientifically stupid. Don’t be stupid.

Why can’t you take a stand on this subject or other hot-topic subjects?

Wow, you’re pretty pushy today. I don’t “take a stand” because every stand is a political stand, and I’m allergic to politics. I have personal opinions, but I am not going to shove them down anyone’s throat. I don’t care who marries who. I’m not going to jump on a pro-choice or pro-life bandwagon, either. You know why?


I can only dictate what I do with my life.

That’s right. Take it however you like. I can only make choices for my own life. Nobody that reads anything on this site knows the whole story of my life, and interestingly enough, the few people who know the larger part of what I’ve lived through don’t read anything on this site.

I’ve seen a lot of bad shit.

I’ve lived through really bad shit.

I’ve lived through some amazing experiences, too.

I have met horrible people that turn my stomach and make my skin crawl.

I’ve met folks who inspire me, encourage me, and make me want to be a better person.

I met awesome people in other countries, to be sure, but there are hundreds of amazing souls I’ve encountered right here in this country, all over the country, from one coast to another and all between.

You’re getting off topic here.

Fuck off, this is my blog and I started out by saying how much I love this country, so no, I’m not getting off topic.

I could spend my time poring over social media, standing on my soapbox and complaining and screaming at people because of all the bad shit we are presented with on a daily basis. I could do that, except NO THANKS — there are already people doing that. 

JERRYSPRINGER  Jerry Springer, photographed on November 10, 1982.  File photo by Fred Straub.
JERRYSPRINGER Jerry Springer, photographed on November 10, 1982. File photo by Fred Straub.

I am allowed and have the right to focus on as many good and positive things happening as I want, and I’d rather do that.

Don’t misunderstand. I understand empathy. It exists prominently in my chemical make-up. I will never tell you, “I think I know how you feel,” unless I actually have gone through what you’re going through or something similar. But I can empathize and understand that you are going through catastrophic events, and I can worry after you because I know you’re hurting.

This country is filled with lots of assholes who get away with doing awful things to good people. It’s also filled with good people who stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves, people who still believe in helping little old ladies cross the street, and people who believe in the power of music and art and books.

There are people in this country who think it’s funny to stomp on the American flag, or do worse things to it. My personal opinion is that these particular people are complete cunts.

Oh shit, really you can’t say that, either, because you know we have the….

Shut the fuck up. I can say it, and I just did. I love the American flag. Sure, it’s a symbol of a lot of things to a lot of people. My opinion is that it ought to be respected. That’s it. I’m not adding “because” because you can fill in that blank with a lot of things, and I’m already shifting thoughts back to that whole thing with art and books and music.

Did you know there are schools in our country that are closing down entire creative arts departments because the funding isn’t there to support these programs? I’m not exactly sure which ass-hat to call out on this heartbreaking fact because again, I’m sure there are politics involved…

You’re really kind of all over the place today, you know.

Yes I am. I’m trying to rein it in a little but at the same time, I don’t really care because it turns out I can say whatever the fuck I want to and still manage not to be a complete douche about it. Also I write these things just to loosen my fingers a little so that I can write something else.

I’m not very good at explaining things like patriotism, if you must know.

So even with your blitzed out attitude on hot-button topics, and your dismay at people doing things to the flag or funds for the arts being cut for schools , you still love this country enough to write out all this and post it?

Of course I do. There are 84 million acres of iconic, treasured and sacred places protected in America’s over 400 national parks – and it all belongs to each of us. There are places in every state that you can go see amazing art and historical landmarks. There are people from every walk of life that are living treasures, right here in the United States of America. Of course I love this country.

People are the main cause of unhappiness, and the cure for it, too.

Here’s the thing: if you can’t make positive things happen on a national scale, go ahead and worry a little bit, it can’t be helped – but don’t sweat it every waking moment. Make changes in your own environment, with the people around you, and pay that shit forward. Maybe the people you directly influence in a positive way will go out and positively influence someone else.

And be kind to ass-hats, if you can. Most of them aren’t even aware of their ass-hatness.




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