Liquid Tongue

My trip to England produced several strange bits of writing, including the following sing-song piece of what some might think is utter nonsense. My only advice to you, dear Reader, is to keep in mind your own sense of honesty.  I believe we are all capable of being “honest to a fault” and it can get us into trouble. Some slip into this sense of uber-honesty after a few drinks, and some need no mental lubrication at all. Sometimes, we simply say too much, and what is said cannot be unsaid. 






Liquid tongue causes

eight distinct thoughts

wandering, reckless 

wishful, regret

wild abandon

emotional debt

smothering need

refusal to heed common sense.

Common sense? 


…so unnecessary.

Tongue becomes liquid…

Sing, pretty canary:

All that you sing, on-key and true.

All of it could be the downfall of you.


Despite liquid tongue,

all is not lost.

Dispense common sense,

just realize the cost. 






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