Splendiferous Indifference



Where is the clear path?
What has withered in that deepest crevice?
How is the beating muscle sewn back together?
Why must it be torn asunder?
When was the pain cut short and replaced by
splendiferous indifference..?

There is massive comfort in
no comfort at all.
Blind to grotesque banners,
deaf to any miniscule whisper
of change,
or growth,
or impending doom.

There is such sanctuary
in splendiferous indifference:
empty heads and
last year’s laughter…
No pacing.
No questions.
No need.
No matter.


Splendiferous indifference
is worn
like a cloak.
like warm Coke.
menthol smoke.

At the end of the day?
Still…no indication
Deprived of the weakest

At the end of the day
one learns to love it,
others to covet
Splendiferous Indifference.

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