A Slap in the Mouth

BloodlettingBloodletting by William D. Prystauk

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I took a ride when I picked up a new novel entitled Bloodletting for my evening downtime. I knew very little about it beforehand, and no one warned me to buckle my seat belt or to hang on for dear life. Murder? I’ve read about it, sure. BDSM? Yeah, I’ve read about that too…both subjects are fascinating separately. Linked together into the intricate crime fiction that is Bloodletting, I was pulled in by the shirt collar and not released until I forced myself to stop reading for the night.

I couldn’t help but genuinely like Denny Bowie, the punk rocker sadomasochist working for a private investigation firm, and his point of view demanded I sit up and pay attention from the beginning.

The twisted method of murder was incredibly disturbing. The blatant eye-opening narrative of what BDSM is like in the ‘real world’ was refreshing…no window-dressing or parodies here. I was caught up and a little scandalized…and I liked it.

Every time I put the book down for the night, pushing it until 3 AM, I was a little angry for having to stop reading. This is the kind of story you can liken to an unexpected slap in the mouth.

The last line blew me away.

There were no loose ends in this treacherous tale, and enough gritty reality to get beneath my skin and bother me, just a little. This is the beauty of really great writing: when I keep thinking about that story long after I’ve finished, the author has done his job. I’m pleased to say this was the case with Bloodletting. 

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