Staircase of Doubt


Biting her lip

cold drink close at hand

she took a small sip

as she sat on the bottom step

of the staircase of doubt


She had been willing to morph

into that person she thought she should be…

physical changes, musical ranges

Every thought tinged with the desire to be

the one implicitly needed


She had taken that route

and look where it had landed her:

the staircase of doubt


Then, softly she whispered,

…but…what if I’m not enough?

because the staircase of doubt

will do that, you know.

The more you doubt,

the more your doubt will grow.


So as she lounged on the bottom step

she finally decided

All who confided could still confide…

And all she was working to achieve?

She believed

it would happen.


She would climb the staircase,

step through the doubt and

live the journey

regardless of route.










4 thoughts on “Staircase of Doubt

  1. Very intense and so very true…I even doubt my doubt sometimes. Love your use of words to relay a subtle message. I really love it! ❤


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