The Science of Desire


The most important lessons were once taught by Warner Brothers.
The most important lessons were once taught by Warner Brothers.


I don’t know how I would have survived in the rawness of the new bare world, back in the days of the Cave Man.  The fulfillment of the most basic needs could often lead to one’s death, and thinking too long about this ridiculous hunting and gathering lifestyle leaves me tired and annoyed in general.



How lucky for us in this day and age, for we can idly wish for whatever it is that we think will complete us — sometimes we can purchase this wonderful thing and, at least for a while, it will fill that black gaping hole, that place where nothing satisfies for very long because the edges are acidic. Those edges of that yawning abyss eat away at whatever offering is thrown in for the day, until there is only the barest renments of said offering.


And so, the next day, we begin again. Search and find, find and search for that thing that might complete us, find that situation so pleasing that surely this must be the magic that will cause the dissatisfaction to dissipate, and will push that small bare patch of ground in the depths of our hearts to be fruitful and multiply.

Situations are temporary. Unless one is very, very fortunate, and happens across a way of life, a way of thinking, and lots and lots of money to support the incredibly expensive notion of following one’s dreams, then the journey to fulfillment will seldom be a simple one. Gone are the days where you simply packed a few of your belongings into a handkerchief, tied it to the end of your walking stick, and skipped off into the sunset to seek your fortune. That very concept is now a dangerous endeavor because, if you aren’t very careful — and even if you are — you’re libel to step off the curb and be hit by a bus. Happens to the very best of us.




Desire is a many-flavoured treat. If you want something badly enough, it can cause you the greatest of miseries and the most delightful shackles of longing in one simultaneous sweep.  I’ve often heard that the pursuit is more desirable than the procurement, and I couldn’t agree more.  Just imagine, every time you wanted whatever it is you want, it was handed to you immediately, and your every moment of existance was spent floating in the soupy reality of mental paralysis.  Certainly, this is an extreme example, but can you put yourself into that kind of reality and state with complete conviction that this, THIS IS THE LIFE….?




My approach and outlook on the concept of desire is this: If you want it, strive to achieve it.  If its out of your grasp, then you have missed or forgotten some of the lesser desires which build those stepping stones and allow you the extra reach you need to grasp your dream with both hands.

Always remember, its never too late to dream. Its never too late to desire.  While you may feel like you’ve wasted your time up until this point, the real waste will happen if you give up completely. Now that you know what you want, go get it. Forget the science. There’s your sunset, and here’s your hobo’s pack. Carry on.


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