creature comforts

Resonation: Odin
Resonation: Odin


creature comforts

are different for me

I do not require what most demand.

I do not take, cajole, or sway…

not on purpose, anyway.



what I most desire

an escape from the mire

of the mundane, traveling the same corridors

again and again


the view from this window is

the same today

as yesterday, and the day before but

I like how they say

how good I am at what I do


if they only knew the journeys I have had

inside my head

if they only knew the pitfalls and dangers

adventures and creatures

monsters with teeth



if they only knew

how good I am at what I do

while away from their corridors

maybe it would matter

maybe not so much


creature comforts

thousands of miles of prose


levels of creation and equal contemplation,

my creature comforts


my creature comforts
my creature comforts

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