Some of the most important moments in life happen when you can rant and rave and get all that shit out of your system. So rant, get it out, and be done with it. That’s what I do. It helps.

It helps that I have amazing friends who listen and empathize without trying to make me feel wrong for feeling.  I’m so grateful for this…and I’m grateful to be the kind of friend who can listen to their rants, too. 



Heart breaking
and you keep taking
bits of it
little bits and pieces

eating it
defeating the idea that
forever is a good thing
when bits and pieces keep growing back

and you pluck more
take more
blood in rivulets
sliding through my core

I’m not crying,
not even trying to cry.
I won’t cry because
crying doesn’t fix it.

heart aching
and time pirouettes,
with slow smiles —
meanwhile, the miles are wearing on me
tearing into resolve and breaking it down

I’m a fixer, but I can’t fix this.
It’s not a ‘kiss it and make it better’ kind of situation,
and when my station in life is to make things better,
no matter how close to the letter I follow the protocol,
I fall
when I fail,
when the effort goes stale,
when my resolve
all because I can’t solve it.

So just keep taking
bits and pieces,
because I know you need it and
you’ll defeat it.

Right now is the battle,
it addles your brain…
the pain is unbearable and it
rocks you to your core.

Even though you’ll lose the battle,
it doesn’t matter.
I’ll fight beside you to win the war.







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