Another Eve

Eve sat in the middle of the field
after crying the cries of
one whose affections were diminished
left out in the rain
faded from days in blazing hot sunlight
spider-web cracks from freezing in snow


The Perfect Ones would walk past and
look at her,
up and down…up and down,
and she felt small again
but hid it well
behind white smiles and black lashes.


Eve was the one who loved with a whole heart
or not at all, not even a little.
When the transformation began in her brain
she resisted the crashes, the realities, at first –
until her heart burst with the realization that it was
time for a change.


In the heat of the day, one midafternoon
to the tune of breathing and drumbeats
she straddled the amazement of dreams
stretching her arms to the heavens,
fingers splayed and reaching
up and up
in triumph
in gratitude
in love.

Eve was the one who loved with a whole heart
or not at all, not even a little.
This Eve was the one who turned away from the tree of knowledge
favoring instead the exquisite vine of exploration,
the acute sense of the cosmos
no fruit as temptation
the heartbeat of the eyes
preferable to any taste in existence.

…and every particle
of every experience
from every hour prior
dissolved into nothing
as the sensation of laughter and joy
consumed her.







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