Rightly So


I can’t tell you everything will be just fine.
But it will.
It will.
I know it will.
We’re still trying to figure out if Time is
Against us, or for us, or if it cares at all…

We rise, and fall, and we chime in together,
There’s no injury to you.
There’s no injury to me.
But the pain is there…
…it’s everywhere.



Beyond the pain, and past the hateful eyes
there is joy.
There is mad, mad joy to be found,
and it sounds as though we’ve forgotten,
but we’ve not, not really –
We’re just rounding the corner, hating all the
waiting, all the patience it takes when joy is still so far away.

Don’t you know? Everything will be just fine.
It will.
I know it will,
and I still believe in
retrieving the strength to push through Time
hastily admitting to the guilt of grasping Life too tightly –
And not letting go…
Rightly so…
…rightly so.





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