Ain’t we a pair, my friend?
It’s a chaotic way to share the
ends and beginnings
and all in between.

The world hasn’t seen what we’ve seen,
and maybe that’s a good thing.
How many go through insanity and make it?
And which ones feel they must gain our trust, only to break it?

My heart is bursting
Funny thing is
That’s not the worst thing to ever happen to me
So I fail to see the problem with letting it burst.

Not cursed
when I’m railing about the unfairness
when I’m flailing about
in awareness:
living in my own head, it’s not such a bad thing.




Seeing through your eyes makes my blood sing —
feeling what hurts you makes my heart bleed
but I need to feel it
to understand
to keep up with the demands of knowing you,
to free up the selfishness that creeps into me,
to be up for the challenge of being the best version of me.




So my heart, it is bursting
and still not the worst thing to happen to me
and I’m still not quite happy,
but I’m getting there —
and I’m not fighting it, even as I sit here and write it…
I’m figuring out the best way to convey how wild it is
to burst free.

Maybe you can help me get there.
Ain’t we a pair?



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