I wonder if
you wonder if
I forgot you.

I think about you
every day,
several times a day.
I love you more than you will ever know.

I wish I could have
seen you more,
watch you grow,
maybe be one of your heroes.

I knew there was a chance
that you would be taunted,
and it haunted me.
I didn’t want you thinking you weren’t wanted.

I never gave you up.
I gave you everything I didn’t have,
and I didn’t hesitate because
you are destined for something greater.

It was important for you to have the best.
It was the only way I could rest at night, knowing that
you would have every chance
to become whatever you wanted to become.

And so I try not to succomb to the daily guilt
since I seldom see you, and it’s been
6,671 days so far of thinking about you,
thinking how proud I am of you, because you didn’t become a statistic.

I love you, and I wonder if
you wonder if
I forgot you,
because I haven’t.


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