give up…

The places our minds go when we doubt our own abilities, talents, gifts, and everything in between — those places can be scary, ill-defined places. So we teeter between giving up and pushing forward, and it’s up to us what happens next.




I have to give up.
Not so much have to, but I want to give up.
I cannot live up to your standards anymore.
They say, now chin up, girl…
But I’m not your pin-up girl, and
my knees keep getting bruised every time I get slung down to the floor.

So I’d like to give up.
I guess I’ll give up.
Maybe this will free up some of my soul so I can soar again.
At least, that’s the plan.
But you know how plans go awry

in the blink of an eye.

I’m trying to steel myself
You’ve always been a wealth of information and its too much sometimes for me to understand.
Do you think I should give up?
Do you think I can live up to the everything you want me to be?


Do you think I’m good enough to hang out alongside you when times get really rough?

You know I’m tough as nails, at least most of the time.
Will it be enough to know I can survive the apocalypse with you and
still maintain a clue about how life could be?
Maybe I won’t give up just yet.

All those pushes to the floor weren’t really pushes…
…more like me tripping over my own two feet, sometimes I have two left feet, you know,
so I can’t be sure it’s anything more than me dragging my feet when I’m supposed to be growing —
Sometimes I’m too busy running my mouth and being aloof,
and the truth stands there and waits for me to shut it.
But…that won’t cut it.

Let’s make a bet
that I won’t give up just yet — but can you live up to my standards;
can you pull me away from that abyss?
We’ll wager all the laughter in the world, and a kiss.









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