empty out your head again
it’s time to try and start again
with an empty mind
and I don’t mind

say the things you’re not allowed to say
it’s been a while, and we’ve got all day

get it out, now
you’re allowed, now

too many thoughts can race and you forget: you don’t have to pace yourself with me
feel free

it’s frenzied up there, inside your head
its time to clear those cobwebs

you will figure it all out
there’s little doubt of this and I can’t imagine any risk if you

empty out your head again
it’s time to wade through all that mess again
one step ahead of that ‘going crazy’ thing, again

it’s easy being your friend
by the way
and you’re not crazy, either,
by the way

and, by the way, thanks for that last time
you helped me
empty out my head









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