Something happened on September 28, 2014 — I have no idea what happened. I checked my calendars, I looked through my journals…there’s nothing there to indicate a catastrophic meltdown that would possess me to write anything filled with any amount of yearning or fire. And yet, there it was. A complete poem with a computer time-stamp of just after midnight on September 28, 2014.  I don’t remember writing it. 

I get used to doing this, every now and again.  Apparently something in my head needed to unravel and repair itself through my keyboard. It shouldn’t be surprising. The letters of my keyboard are beginning to wear down to nothing. I can’t see the “C” anymore, and forget the comma…if I didn’t know where it was already there would be no commas. 

Today’s phrase must be “moments of hope” and I will cling to that, for today. 


Precariously gripped
Moments we feed on,
Moments sipped:

and the only sage advice
I know
negates all you’ve been told;

Advice gets old
when it doesn’t stop the pain
when it doesn’t make the joy come back.
The advice gets old so I won’t give it.

I have my life and I live it.

I turn everything into a song.
I’m never sure if I’m right
or wrong,
or somewhere in between.

I’m certain of the moments…
The good ones, they’re amazing.

Imagination on fire; everything is blazing –
and anything can happen,
and we love,
and we share,
and monumental connections
form between us.

And I have to
these moments are a kind of
against all the negativity.

The reality is
there is nothing in this world that can stop
the kind of moments that lift us.

Every time we take a chance
The happenstance lessens a little

So, riddle me this:

Live in the moment?
…or pass it by?
Stay afraid of crashing?
…or jump off that cliff
and fly?



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