That One Time I Met God

I listen to this song sometimes, and it asks “What if God Was One of Us?” …and tonight it made me think outside the box, again. 

I wondered what it would like to have a conversation with God, no matter what his form, no matter if you believe in Him or if you believe in nothing at all. Just use your imagination, okay? That’s what it’s there for. 🙂 


I knew it was You,
somehow I figured it out and yet
I didn’t fall down in a heap and
weep and shout, or gnash my teeth —
All I did was breathe,
and I guess You knew I
was a mess, then.
Because then
I started in with all those questions…

instill in me the rapier wit
the ability to sift and find the truth
beneath all the bullshit

I will sip from You
drink from that which is in Your head
fueled with Your knowledge

disperse dread, to dig and claw and pluck those parts
which I love
casting aside the fears
the deep fears
pushing through the tears
letting the fire burn me

allowing You to teach
allowing me to learn freely
and the smiles keep coming
the music keeps playing
the drums keep drumming

the rhythm of knowledge is
and people are always saying they
thirst for knowledge
they hunger for knowledge
dying and crying to learn it
but some are too lazy to earn it
as they spurn the notion
of so many ideas

flowing between us, the humans among us;
oceans and currents
synapses firing
they find the work involved
with learning
is tiring


I love to bite into it;
that apple, with the juices
running down my face and
feeding until it’s down to the core and
feeling a little hungry for more

I knew it was You,
because no one else instilled in me
the ability to comprehend that
You aren’t the one who will bring the end.
We are.

I bet that makes You a little sad…
Yeah, me too.
Hopefully it won’t happen for a long, long time because
I’ve got so many more
mountains to climb.




6 thoughts on “That One Time I Met God

  1. “flowing between us, the humans among us;
    oceans and currents
    synapses firing
    they find the work involved
    with learning
    is tiring”

    I got a tingle from this part.


  2. I enjoyed this piece a lot. To be honest, I didn’t expect to. Because of my background I tend to get either over-emotional or incredible abstract and nitpicky when people talk about God. So, I came in ready to not like this one but you had to go and be a good writer and ruin all my preparations and make me like it. Bitch. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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