There is a special quality in silence. Perfect silence is difficult to experience, especially now, when city life assaults the air with ambulance sirens, honking horns and everyone in the world dragging cellphones around with numbed abandon.

Out along the countryside there is seldom silence. Livestock wander restlessly, tractors sliding through the landscape, grumbling motors complaining, and hunting season punctures the air with gunshots every now and again.

Silence. Perfect quiet. Silence so loud it thumps inside your ears and forces a reminder that you do, in fact, need to breathe. This silence is damned near impossible to find, and when you do, you forget how badly you needed it while basking in those moments.

Other silence is not so beneficial. You stare into the soul of the one who has seen inside yours and in return…there’s nothing. Seek out the eyes and they look away and refuse to meet yours. Send a message, devise a smoke signal, tap out Morse code and when there is silence in return, your very core freezes and you begin to question and wonder.

Bad silence. Good silence. Should you experience the first, seek out the second.

It’ll be alright.


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