Conversation with a non-horror fan:

(She walks up to me while I’m working on a photo of Marcus Miller. I’m already a little irritated because I want to bring out the blood a little more around the eyes of his mask, and my touchscreen is not cooperating.)


Her: What is that?

Me: Just a photo I’m working on.

Her: (she walks around behind me and looks) Who the hell is that?

Me: Marcus Miller.

Her: Who?

Me: (trying to end the conversation) Marcus Miller. The Orphan Killer.  He was an orphan, and he kills people. Especially annoying people.

Her: Is he for real? Where’d you get that picture?

Me: He takes selfies when he chops people up.

Her: (looking at me as though I’ve grown a third eye) What the fuck? Why are you painting on his picture?

Me: Just because.

Her: So…you like killers?

Me: I like Marcus Miller.

Her: I think you’re crazy.

Me: I think you’re next.

(She walks away, and I can hear her muttering, “Crazy bitch…” and at the same time, I remark – to no one in particular, “What a crazy bitch. Glad that’s over.”)

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