Dragging the Axe

Aug. 18th, 2013 –

I was determined to watch it. I was so afraid I would hate it. I kept telling myself while waiting for it to arrive that I would watch it, I would listen and watch wide-eyed the entire time.

Fresh Kill
Fresh Kill

It came in the mail and all because I developed a new obsession, maybe a slightly healthier obsession than some people have with…y’know…whatever. Drugs or relationships or saving the world.

I had only seen clips of The Orphan Killer. I had tried to obtain it by other means and was unsuccessful, and I didn’t realize in all my ADHD glory that I could just go to theorphankiller.com website and order it directly. After having talked at length with the writer of the movie, who also had a starring role and who filmed it himself…I was so worried that I would finally sit down with this disc and absolutely hate it and then that would suck on so many levels because I really like the way this guy operates, and I loved the photo work I was doing. Quietly, I ordered it online and waited. What if I hated this movie?  After all, I’m not who I was 7 years ago.

Seven years ago I gave up most horror when I got pregnant with our son. I clung to my beloved Pitch Black star, Vin Diesel, but beyond that I let it go. I had been letting it go anyway because I work with kids all day, and not just any kids, but kids who have usually been through hell and need a nice normal person with a nice smile and a warm hug and a goofy sense of humor. So I let it go. It wasn’t hard – I just had so much going on that I couldn’t hang on to everything forever…

When I investigated this guy, Matt Farnsworth, I found disturbing bloody pictures of that handsome guy I had been talking shop with and then I found The Orphan Killer and I started doing my art thing and I got curious and finally…finally, last night, I sat down and watched the movie. All this time, all these photos, all those little movie clips…they didn’t prepare me for the carnage, or the emotion.

I can’t possibly tell you all about the movie here, and if you aren’t a horror fan then you don’t want to know and don’t care anyway.

I loved the movie.  I had that sick, twisted feeling in my gut because sometimes when bad things happen to people, those people do unspeakably bad things.  Its a vicious circle. Farnsworth managed to tell a story that few people dare tell, and placed it within a genre that seldom sees genuinely bad people brought to brutal justice by the worst means possible.

These photos keep me occupied during the time I used to gaze, bored, at facebook.  I feel this pull and because my method for editing involves all hands-on, I touch every part of the photo, using my fingers on a touch screen to manipulate the colors and moods. TOK in all his madness has helped to alleviate mine. I love it.

I love it. 

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